Artist Profile


The beginning of Catherine Molland’s love of art began with a profound experience she had at the age of seven.  A cloud that she was drawing in class transformed itself into a drawing of a woman’s profile.  She heard an intuitive voice tell her that she was here to be an artist. It was a very profound experience; mind, body, spirit. Following this guidance, she discovered she had a talent for drawing. Quickly, she became the school artist, doing huge murals. Art became her life- long passion. Catherine has attended the University of Bridgeport, CT and art schools around the country, including the San Francisco Academy of Art and the San Francisco Art Institute. She has traveled to view major art exhibitions nationally and in Europe.

Always open to experimentation, Molland has been adding underlying layers of Japanese silk-screened papers and acrylic mediums to her oil paintings. These layers add dimensions of texture and pattern to her imaginative figurative paintings. Being versed in many art forms from printmaking, pencil rendering, encaustic wax, image transfers and traditional oil painting, she uses all of these materials in her art. Dried objects from nature like marigold seeds, bean pods, corn silk and leaves often appear in her paintings. Molland’s imagery comes from her passion and respect for wilderness areas, ancient myths, and simple pleasures.