Can’t Get No…..

I once watched a documentary of the Rolling Stones creating a song in their studio. Unlike the drama and flash of their shows, it seemed tedious. But maybe not for them. Because sometimes shaping any creative endeavor is simply doing the work.

My last painting session was an all day affair of: paint on, paint off. At the end of the day, I hadn’t progressed the painting. But I had learned a lot by not doing what I normally do. I tried different things and discovered some interesting surprises. It was: Oh, so now my figure looks like a Diebenkorn, a soft edged Degas, a German Expressionist. In the end, nothing really jelled on the canvas that day, but…..

I have 2 sister-in-laws who are speed walkers. They remind me of some cartoon characters who have fast spinning wheels for legs as they leave me in the dust. I admire them. But me, I’m a rambler. I tend to amble on my hikes, looking at everything and enjoying it. And in art also. The mis-takes revel new avenues while I explore The Road Less Traveled. And in the end: Satisfaction.

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