Compost Life

I learned the phrase “Use Everything For Upliftment” in a workshop and I’ve always found it helpful. I’m putting my frustration into life’s compost pile and using it as fuel, as fire, as the energy to make healthy changes. At my yoga class yesterday, I was having trouble breathing and realized, I think this is what panic attacks must feel like.  That was new. It made it really hard to do the postures, but fortunately the class was about finding our center, both physically and emotionally.

It was a different kinda day for me….I was dreamy, spacey, forgetful. And I’m Queen of Organized Lists and juggling many different activities. When almost falling asleep, I read a line in a book that completely calmed me. Basically it was: It’s either going to happen, or it’s not, and either way it will be what is meant to be. I felt relief. Like “yeah, I’m doing all I can do as best as I can, and now it’s up to…..”

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