New Beginnings

Starting a new painting, “Crossing the Return Threshold”. This is when the hero/heroine leaves the special world of the Quest and begins the return home. What is the “special world”? For Dorthy it was Oz, for Jason it was his voyage, for me it was giving myself permission to spend a year+ in my studio creating this new series. After this painting, I only one more painting and all 13 paintings are completely done….

Leaving the studio means re-emerging to marketing my art. I feel like a caterpillar leaving the safety of the cocoon. But as I am also 100% frustrated with the financial struggle I have been having as I put out money for art supplies and work less at my day job to have time to paint, I am really happy about becoming a butterfly. Starving-Artist-To-Successful Artist-Butterfly. So, now I’m looking for a venue to show the entire series and video it. Then, I’m approaching the many great galleries here in Santa Fe. And at the same time, my children’s picture book is totally complete and I’m sending it to publishers. It’s a little scary and also really exciting! Just. Gotta. Have. Faith.

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