Creation/Destruction & A Pinch Of Silliness

My “Crossing the Return Theshold” painting is almost completed. Tricky spot I’m in with it, almost done and all….but I’m not happy with her dress, the motion of it as she flies back to Earth. The painting looks good, everything else works together but I know the minute I start to change her dress…..CRASH, all equilibrium will be destroyed.

The dice will be rolled and it’s a crap shoot all over again.Constant creation/destruction. It’s times like this that I need….Wes Anderson to the rescue! Just discovered Wes Anderson with his The Grand Budapest Hotel and LOVED it. Glad I rented it because the sets and visuals were amazing and I had to keep stopping to pause and look, and then look again. Devoured The Life Aquatic and Moonshine Kingdom also.  So silly in the best of ways….that guy lives in my world.

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