National best-selling book writer accepts one of my paintings!

Incubation of Possibility

Incubation of Possibility

My new painting, Incubation of Possibility, has just been accepted to be in Nancy Reyner’s new Acrylic how-to book, Acrylic Illuminations. Her books show techniques and examples in artist’s works. My painting, size 24 x 36″, used: gold leaf: bronze, silver and gold paint, both oil and acrylic paints, and the nest is dried corn silk from my garden! Her books are sold nationally through Artisans, Hobby Lobby, etc.  I’ll post when it will be released. Very exciting!

Arise the Film

Lori Joyce has made an amazingly uplifting and empowering film about women all over the world (Kenya, S. Bronx, India, Pakistan, Denver, Ecuador, etc.) healing the earth and thereby also healing their families, communities, the whole planet! The women are shown planting trees in Kenya to raise the underground water levels so they can plant crops. In India, they send women to go to the Barefoot College to learn solar so they can return home and create solar lights in poor rural villages. In the South Bronx, a woman transformed a dump to a beautiful, safe park for children to play in. Urban farming in Denver, and lots more. This film is a MUST SEE!!!
I am humbled and honored that Lori contacted me and asked to have my painting, Sunflower Days, in this film.
Arise the Movie Trailer – YouTube, link on the right under Blogroll

New Year, New Beginnings

I’m starting a new series, just finished the first painting. I am very excited about this series….and it’s origins. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t come up with anything new. So, I gave up and went camping . When I stopped trying, took a break and was just having fun with my doggies at the lake…..Whoosh, the whole series came pouring in. I mean, Everything all complete and fully developed. The title of the series, the concept, painting images, their titles,etc. The ancient Greeks believed our Muse was a separate entity from us where our inspiration come from. If the ideas were good, it was the credit of the muse. And if they were bad, it wasn’t our fault. I’m a true believer now. Here’s an older painting from the previous series, RELEASING THE MUSE, 60×32″

African Queen sold!

Was home on a Sat. harvesting organic vegetables from my garden and received a call from an ER physician asking me if I could go into Santa Fe to do her hair at my shop. Not only was she a really nice hairstyling client, she bought my oil painting the African Queen!~Happy that it goes to a nice home…..

Blowing in the Wind

Another painting that I recently sold is leaving my studio. I named this painting in  honor of Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday after his famous song. This spring in Santa Fe, however, with it’s incredibly strong and constant winds give new meaning to the title. There are dried marigold seeds embedded in the gold.

This painting has flown out the door….

Last summer while at a feeder, a hummingbird let me lightly put my finger on it’s tiny chest. It kept feeding and I could feel it’s rapidly beating heart. Lovely! When I first painted these hummingbirds in a more realistic manner, they looked very sweet but I experience them as very electric and ninja-like so I made them more vibrant. This painting just sold and the buyer added another perception, he thinks my hummers look like Huichol art. Love it!

Dancing the Dream Back to Life

Here in the mountains outside Santa Fe, spring is not a gentle warming but a battle between winter and summer. One day it’s warm and balmy and the next day it’s snowing and cold. The one constant is the blowing wind. A common fatality to this weather are the spring fruit tree blossoms which often open and then are frozen the next day.  Although our spring is rather dramatic and blustery, I love it. This painting is named “Dancing the Dream Back to Life”.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone!

I am a hopeless romantic and I love a day that honors Love, even if it’s been trivialized by commercialism. It’s a day to smell a luscious flower, smile at a stranger, and wish all beings on the planet well. So, here’s my Parisian Flowers painting in the dead of winter radiating out sensual blessings and flowery goodness……