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Once in a Blue Moon,7

©Once In A Blue Moon tells the story of how we once sang sweet songs to the moon. But the world becomes busy and we forget to sing. The Moon grows lonely and blue until one night the Moon’s light disappears. Topaz, a lonely chipmunk, goes on a quest to help the Moon’s light return. She gathers a band of forest friends who learn how to help the Moon’s light to grow bright in the night sky again.

My book, Once In A Blue Moon, is targeted for children 1-7. The story is about the healing power of connections. It is an image driven book, like David Weisner and Shaun Tan’s books. This is the illustrated Once In A Blue Moon, 32 pages; artwork is watercolor, colored pencil and collage. The illustrations are strong, vivid and they hold many hidden details to be seen at multiple readings.

I am the very best person to write this story after spending decades camping with my dogs in wilderness places. I even admit to speaking chipmunk lingo now. How powerful the moon’s phases were on everyone at my lake campsite: frogs, coyotes, and partying people. The moon is a great metaphor for learning how to connect with the Earth, a timely topic if I ever heard one! Young organic farmers love this book, older retired grandparents love this book, urban dwellers love this book!